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Specialty Services


Master Guard® Asphalt Sealer

Adds instant, professional-looking curb appeal to asphalt driveways.

Master Guard Asphalt Sealer outperforms and outlasts competitive tar-based products. It applies easily to protect asphalt driveways with just one coat. Its rubberized latex formula stays flexible longer, providing a durable, black finish without coal tar. It provides effective protection against freeze/thaw conditions, ultraviolet degradation and water intrusion into your asphalt parking lot or driveway. This system seals all cracks, fills potholes and depressions and seals the surface with an attractive, durable black finish.

Wall Kote

Master Guard® Wall Kote

Exterior Latex Coating System

Quite possibly the longest-lasting, exterior paint on the market today.

The exterior appearance of your building sends a strong message about your company. Keeping it well maintained creates the positive impression you want. Can be applied over wood, stucco, metal, masonry, and cement composition materials. Elastomeric technology provides an extremely flexible membrane that resists cracking, peeling and blistering. The thicker film build provides longer lasting protection compared to ordinary paint, providing a functional, yet beautiful protective finish. Available in 940 different colors.


Heavy-Duty Coatings

For Commercial and Industrial Facilities.

Tank exteriors and interiors are susceptible to corrosion brought on by chemicals and weather exposure. Once corrosion has started on the tank's surface, the structure can be affected, and if not corrected, eventually compromise the life of the tank. As coating specialists, we offer several coating options that will correct corrosion and give you a durable finish for years to come.

For steel/metal tanks we use one of Conklin's premium elastomeric exterior coatings These coatings provide exceptional waterproofing technology, durability, are long-lasting and extremely flexible. They resist cracking, peeling and blistering for years longer than ordinary paint, providing a functional, yet attractive finish made to cover a variety of surfaces.