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The Fabric Reinforced System

What is a Fabric Reinforced Ply System?

This system combines the leak-resistant, seamless membrane of a liquid-applied system, with the toughness and a tensile strength of a single-ply system. The reinforced fabric gives extra strength to the finished watertight membrane without adding significant weight. With its reflective, energy-saving white top coat, your finished ply system stands up against tough weather and offers strong, long-lasting protection.

What can this system do for you?

The Fabric Reinforced System offers decades of impressive, leak-proof performance that includes:

• Protection where your roof needs it most – at the seams.

• Fast application – minimizing work-site congestion.

• Offers excellent wind and hail protection.

• May eliminate the need for expensive tear-off and haul away.

• A cooler roof lasts longer.

• Dirt-resistant finish.

• Easy and affordable repair and renewal.

Warranty Options

We offer non-prorated 10-18 year warranties on our Fabric Reinforced Systems. Warranties can be extended another 10-18 years if roof is recoated within warranty period.